Learn to Play Bingo Crah Tutorial

This quick bingo tutorial is going to make you learn bingo in a matter of few minutes. The next thing you remember is going to be cheerful shouts of 'BINGO' amidst all the surge of fun and excitement. However many players believe that bingo is a boring and lazy game. It is meant for those players who go through a busy schedule and want to enjoy their free time in a quick fashion with friends or a card game.

Bingo started from Italy and later on, got fame and massive popularity in the whole world. The game begins with player sitting together. Then they are given cards with various numbers on them. There is no need to be worried about the blank space in center. Nonetheless, winning mostly depends on the number of cards / book you have. Having more than one card increases your chances.

Each card has the word 'BINGO' on it and a series of numbers under it. The caller or the leader calls out numbers in loud voice by reading them from a plastic container. He / she calls out like ?B-27?, ?N-12?. All you have to do is make mental note of these called out numbers and if they match the ones on your card, you just mark that area.

First person to win is the one who gets the complete word 'BINGO' sorted out. Whether horizontally vertically or diagonally, it all depends upon your luck and quick senses. You won't be able to miss the fun involved in shouting BINGO on top of your voice. It all adds to good times and memories.

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